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Wooden Paddle Boat
Update 9/3/20
​Lots of work already taking place. We have removed the bow deck, seats and transom. We have applied multiple coats to the interior of the boat and all of the seating and framework. Also we have selected and cut the wood for the new transom which we will be posting pictures of once we have it cut out. 
Update 9/8/20
Update 9/9/20
As you can see almost all of the old varnish has been stripped from the inside of the boat and at the bow of the boat you can see we have started adding sister frames to the areas where rot was present.
The new transom is coming along nicely. We have the rough shape cut out and now we begin replicating the angle along the bottom edge so that the new transom fits exactly the same as the old one.
Update 9/11/20
Update 9/15/20
Update 10/30/20
Update 10/30/20
Update 12/14/20