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Miss Donna
1965 Century Resorter

After a long winter nap she is here to get a new varnish coat and checkup
aft port caprail newly varnished, maintenance coat
port caprail at helm new varnish maintenance coat
Stbd bow view newly varnished maintenance coat
stbd caprail newly varnished, maintenance coat
port exhaust manifold spraying water, this is at the previous repair
port manifold spraying water, better view at previous repair site
another pic port manifold spraying water
stbd aft caprail new varnish coat
port caprail at helm new varnish coat
port bow view of new varnish coat
Bow view of new varnish coat
port view of side with new varnish coat
stbd bow view new maintenance coat of varnish
stbd side view aft of new maintenance varnish
stbd bow caprail new maintenance varnish
View of stbd side looking to aft with new maintenance varnish coat
stbd caprail at helm showing new maintenance coat of varnish

Looking over the boat , we found no serious problems from winter storage. We did find the port manifold spraying water at a previous repair spot. This was noticed when we fired off the motor after replacing the points and condenser. Engine cranked great and ran smooth.  Also replaced distributor cap. Boat received a new maintenance coat of varnish on the top and sides, and numbers removed from bow sides.
port exhaust rear  has water in it
port exhaust 2nd from rear has water
port exhaust 3rd from rear has water
stbd rear plug removed water flows out
stbd rear plug hole shows water
stbd rear again
another view of stbd rear plug hole
above is good view of water coming out stbd rear hole
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We found that both the manifolds were rusted through due to years of use. Both have been removed on 5/13 and new ones are on the way. Performed a water test on the engine block to see if there were any problems with the water jacket, but none showed up during the test. In process of draining oil and filter so we can run engine when new manifolds are installed and cycle what water is in the engine block and run it out. Hopefully it will only take 3 or 4 cycles to accomplish this. We are trying to maintain minimum hours for the work accomplished. It was looking bad but now we can see the real ending and it is a few days away!!!! 
to the side , above and below are pics of the old manifolds. Note the crack in one below
below are pics of the port exhaust ports
below is a port exhaust port
below is stbd rear exhaust port
below is a look at the oil from the engine, lot of water
below are stbd middle exhaust ports
below is a cup we use to drain oil out of engine with to keep bilge clean
new manifolds  arrived with all gaskets also.They came in with paint on machined areas
student training, Ben, cleaning areas where gaskets go
side by side for color verification, guess it don't match
all new fittings installed and areas painted
top end caps installed and painted and torqued

After oil draining and cycling engine til water was removed from the block we ran and tuned this motor. Owner arrived and was involved in the final stages of repair and checks. Assisted owner with several small projects. Boat was taken and used several times and owner appears happy with the results. This big boy of a motor purrrrs like a kitten, but roars like a lion when throttling up.