Chris-Craft Holiday
The engine has been removed from the boat
Sent gauges off to be rebuilt
Ran most of wiring through boat.
Ran most of wiring through boat.
Ran most of wiring through boat.
Ran most of wiring through boat.
The Engine Has Been Painted And Is Ready For Installation!
New Trailer Accessories!
Inside The Transmission!
We moved the rear axle back to make it look correct with the limited choice of fenders that are out there on the market. We had to make four new support spacer arms that mount from one axle to another.
We also had to order some new rubber washers that are used in the assembly of those arms/axles as well as we made new fender brackets as the old ones touched our new larger tires.
The two cylinder roller/needle bearings are standard dimension journal bearings.
The cage of the bearing is rust  stained and I'm sure it's the same on the inside.
The outer race is also discolored with rust.
This rear bearing is bad, it is rough and you can see the water droplets in the oil.
There is a protective coating on the fenders to protect the shiny brushed aluminum.
New Toll Free Number 866-921-2628
After applying several coats of paint, installing carpet to the bunks as well as all the hardware and adjustments to fit all parts correctly we have finally loaded this trailer.
Here we have done the engine test with water and have run it to it's operating temperature. 
Updates 2/14/14
Update 2/18/14
We are getting closer to the finish line, here we have the engine going back into the boat.
He we show the shaft was found to be 2" too long but it is straight and that we have replaced the frayed horn button wires.
Update 3/24/14
 These videos are showing that the set screws are picking up water and blowing it around. The plank seams were also not closed at the time of this video. 
Here the guys are torqued the head. It is common for the head to have to be torqued several times before the fasterners no longer turn. We have gone through this process as many as 5 times before no fasterners turn. 
   Final Assembly 
Service bulletin for torque sequence. 
We recommend a 2 hour torque check for the first 10 hours.