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1957 Chris Craft Capri
This is rot in the front seat back board.
This is the front seat cushion rot.
We will be restoring the upholstery on this Capri to its original look. These are pictures of what the upholstery should look like when we are finished.
​Here are a few notes on what our plan is.
The dash and side pockets are complete.
Side panels

We now begin the measurements to begin recovering the bench seats.
We have laid out all the old canvas with their forms to be recovered, labeled with special instruction and measured all the pieces accurately.
Custom Shipping 
Hand crafted crates to ensure safe shipping.
Completed Interior 
The seats were created using traditional methods using horse hair and cotton bating. 
​Pete DeVito 
Winter Haven, Florida 

Paul Cundiff 
Custom Canvas & Vinyl 
Woodies Restorations 
Russell Springs, Kentucky 

Dear Paul, 

I want to thank you and your entire staff for the magnificent upholstery work you did for 
me on my 1957 Capri. You all never settled for anything but perfection when you 
covered all my seats and panels. The upholstery was a dead match with the original and 
you went the extra mile to make sure it was all tacked as I requested to match the 
original. I finished the Capri a week before the Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival and it so 
happened to win the Best Chris Craft award. 

Thanks again for all your attention to the details and the great customer service by your 

Best Regards, 

Pete DeVito