1955 Shepherd
4/11/2006 varnish - 2 coats thus far
Static Electricity caused finish blemishes at coat # 10
Decks sanded and ready to polish
Other area where original finish lifted - stained and varnished
Decks were sanded with 240, 500, 1000, and 2000 grit abrasives and then polished with 3M medium cut, fine cut and swirl mark remover
Rudder packing flange bolts were found to be loose gland was removed and flange coated with a liberal coat of Life Caulk, poly sulfide caulk. Note the portion that oozed out from between the flange and keel when the bolts were tightened.  No broken bolts were found as was the case on yet another boat currently in the shop.
May 16th 2006 Update Below 
Parralel pinstriping lines 3 coats.  Tape will be removed by noon on 5/17 and border lines taped sanded and painted.
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