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There is some concern about how the fit of the boat on the trailer. It appears to us that it sits about 6" too far forward. The pitot tube for the speedometer can be easiliy damaged by the trailer bunk if the boat is loaded just the least little bit sideways..  Also if the trim tabs were inadvertantly left in the down position damage could result to them during the loading process.  We suggest using some of the adjustment bow stop to move the boat further back on the trailer. Only if there is a road handling problem with the boat and trailer should you NOT move the boat forward.  

We could save a few bucks by just re-drilling the exising bunks and attaching with stainless steel carriage bolts. The bunks seem to be in good condition.. even the bunk carpets. We would draw the carriage bolts down tight enough to countersink themselves in the exisiting bunk wood.  The bunk carpeting is allready here.. so you could just take that with you and replace the carpet yourselves after you launch the boat if you wish. 
Battery #1 was tested after charging and immediately the meter dropped to the replace section.  We can supply an engine starting battery for $77.99+tax or what we suggest is a combination engine starting and deep cycle for 89.99+tax.  The reason we like the combo is that when out on the boat with the radio on and charging cell phones etc the battery won't be damaged by deep discharge. 
A new zinc with the trim tab fin is on order.  

ALSO... how long has it been since the water pump impellor has been changed?