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 1978 Riviera Minicruiser
"Yellow Fever," arrived 4/16/16, Saturday AM
4/17/2016 Photos
John & Teresa, here are 10 photos of your boat as it was when you left it here Saturday AM.  This page is dedicated to "Yellow Fever" and whatever progress reports Woodies manages to post as we do the work you have requested.  We have additional photos available.
The plastic part(s) on the purple cushioning aft may or may not belong to you.  If they do not, blame the photographer.
​We have your Jet Pump successfully removed from the boat and detailed.
The housing around the Jet Pump was not properly sealed with the required o-ring.  Instead there was an attempt to seal it with "bathroom" caulk.  There was some damage done to the housing because of this which will require it to be smoothed out.  If not the o-ring will not seal off properly.  There was more time that had to be taken on this job because of having to remove the mess that was made with the caulk.
Luckily your input shaft seal was not damaged in the fire.  Regardless of the condition we went ahead and changed it while we had it out just to save you the headache later on.  If you look at the picture to the far right you will see where the pump mounts to the bottom of the boat.  The gaskets came in but we were short that one so its now on its way and should be here Tuesday.
We received your fuel pick up tubes and shutoff valves.  However we had to order new pick ups because the smallest standard ones we could buy were slightly too large of a diameter.  The new ones have been order and are on there way.
Your horns and stainless steel cleats came in and the plates for the cleats are being made and will be ready on Monday.
In listening to you guys talk about heading to a cove to "let the ole girl rest".  We have possibly found the reason for the engine running a little too warm.  There is an obstruction that seems to be caulk that has restricted the water flow to the engine.  The 3/4" valve that the water travels through has been reduced to about a 1/4" hole.
We have the jet pump reinstalled and properly sealed off and the new control cables reconnected.  We had to order a new steering cable because the new one we had was about 12 inches to short.
Here is our first attempt at reproducing your windshield. Everything was going great until it broke. Were not sure what caused the break it could have been a small fracture that was in the plastic that we didnt see.  However we do have another template marked out and ready to try again. 
Attempt number two was a success.  The crack is only in the protective paper not the windshield.
In our attempt of installing your new windshield we have found that the brackets that hold the windshield in place are bent. This most likely happened when the winshield was broken. We cannot fix these because when we attempt to they will break. We have tried to find new replacements but were unsuccessful in finding this style. Given the year of the boat this is something that is no longer produced. However we do have a solution. We can cut off the threaded part drill and tap a hole in the exact spot. Then we can put a machine screw back in its place. The only thing that would be noticably different would be a small acorn nut on top.
We have your exhaust hose replaced and all put back together. The pickup tubes are back in the tanks. We had to replace the hard plastic tubing with a more flexible tubing to match the original tubes. The mirror stainless for the cleats have been cut, polished and put on the boat.
The new windshield and all around light have been installed.  We have replaced all of the cooling hoses and are reassembling the interior of the boat.