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1968 Chris Craft 
Futura 33'
The boat has been successfully delivered to our shop. We now have the boat off of the trailer and resting on stands.
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We have been working steadily on the trailer and should be finished soon. We still need to attach the tongue and finish welding the cross members into place. Once that is done we can then temporarily install the axles then flip the trailer so that we can get measurements for the bunks.
The trailer is almost complete. We still need to install the carpet on the bunks and install the fenders, which are being painted. 
The starboard side shaft and strut will need to be replaced. The port side should be fine but both props will need to be reworked.
As you can see here there was a rather large gouge and hole in the starboard side of the bottom. Since the hull of this boat is plywood we will simply cut out the damaged section between frames and replace with a new piece of marine plywood.
Here is the patch that was put in the bottom to replace the damaged area. The picture to the right is after a fresh coat of bottom paint.
A fresh coat of bottom paint.
The shafts, rudders and props have all been installed back in the boat. We have also aligned the shafts with the engines.
There were a few spots we found while sanding the sides where the paneling was delaminating. We have removed the sections and will replace with new veneer before paint.
We have made the repairs to the paneling on the sides. We have sanded the sides to prep for paint and have painted the blue sections of the sides.
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