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Update of 4/07/2016
 1965 Century 21' Resorter
belonging to Kevin Lorenz
Shaft before replacement:
The prior shaft was bent and was made of substandard stainless steel material.
The new shaft is Aquamet 22 stainless steel, a better grade for this use.
Swim platform before (and after) restoration:
We initially thought that we had only a small amount of surface rot to deal with, but we later discovered much more rot that was hidden from our initial visual inspection.  The photos below show that.
Photographs show the new radio that replaces the old one which had had a bath in a rainstorm.  You can see the new cord that connects the new onboard battery charger in the starboard-side storage pocket next to the captain's seat at the wheel.  We also added a new radio antenna which is hidden under the deck of the boat.
Photograph shows the existing propeller after it has been balanced and polished by a local prop shop.
Through bolts supporting swim platform replace screws that were pulling out of position.  What seems like an easy job was actually more difficult because the fuel tank had to be removed to gain access to tighten the nuts on the bolts.
The bilge blower, located under the starboard-side chrome-plated vent, was added for safety purposes.  The blower hose (note the black hose adjoining the port-side engine stringer in the photo) extends beneath both the fuel tank and the engine to the bilge blower.

  The purpose of the bilge blower is to remove any gasoline fumes which might otherwise accumulate in the bilge.
All of our work has led to the restored boat you are pulling back to New York state.
See photos below.