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1964 Century Resorter 16'
We have adjusted the front and rear seat backs so that they set where they are supposed to. When the boat was brought to us the front seat back was setting way too high and the rear was too low. Now that the seats are fixed we can start attaching the crash rail.
We performed a compression test on your engine and as you can see all cylinders had great compression with the exception of two and three. Cylinder two's compression came up to a good number after a second test but cylinder three only came to 80 psi after the second and third attempt. This indicates a sticking valve on cylinder three. Chances are after running the engine you MAY get the compression back on that cylinder. A guaranteed way of fixing this issue is to do a valve job. To add value at the same time you do the valve job we would add hardened seats which would also allow you to run unleaded fuel through the engine. The cost of having us remove the heads, have the valve job done and put everything back together would be around $1000.   
120 psi
1st 115 psi
2nd 160 psi
1st 60 psi
2nd 80 psi
150 psi







150 psi

170 psi

160 psi

150 psi
The crash rail has now been installed.