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1963 Highlander 
We have started repairing the damaged section of your boat. Once we have cleanly removed the entire section we will then begin replacing it with new wood.
Now that we have removed the back section of wood we are now focusing on prepping for the repair. As you can see the sides are made of multiple thin layers of wood and each layer's grain runs a different direction to create a strong finished product. What we are doing now is removing about a two inch width of each layer until we get to the last layer. Once this is complete we will then replace each layer using the two inch overlap of each layer to create the bond.
We have now started repairing the damaged area. As you can see we will apply one layer at a time with the grain running opposite directions with each new layer and each new layer will overlap the pre-existing wood on hull by two inches to help create a stronger bond. Each layer will be coated with a layer of epoxy.
We now have 5 layers of wood and epoxy on the side of the boat. We only have one layer left to apply before we start body work and paint. Getting closer.
We're getting closer and closer. The inside is almost finished, just a few more coats of varnish and it should be complete. The outside has been faired smooth with the rest of the boat. The side and transom areas have been coated with multiple coats of barrier coat. The next step is to sand the side and transom areas completely flat then paint.
We now have the outside of the hull painted and buffed. We also have the inside area repaired and painted.
We have the repair made to the stem of the boat and under primer. We will be painting the stem area and blending it with the rest of the hull next week.