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1958 Chris-Craft 17' Sportsman
We found rust on the ends of the spark plugs and inside the cylinder.  This should come out after running the engine.
All of the spark plug wires had to be recrimped.  There is a proper crimping tool that was apparently not used to crimp the wires.
The engine was empty of oil.  There may have been an 1/8th of an inch on the bottom of the dipstick.  We had to put 4 quarts of oil in to replace what was missing.
Here are the results of the compression test that was done.  As you can see all cylinders were close around 100 but number 6 had 0 compression.  This could be the result of a stuck(open) valve.
The engine backfired out of the carburetor when attempting to start.  So the engine is either way out of time or the firing order is wrong.  We found that the firing order was wrong.
We got the transom sanded flat and the graphic put on.