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1957 Chris Craft Sportsman
Update 12/15/16
We have the entire boat wet sanded and ready for varnish.
Looking good after one coat of varnish.
After three coats of varnish. Look at that mirror finish.
Prepped and ready for final coat of varnish.
$100 Question
Update 01/03/17
Look at that shine!! Varnish work is complete and all of the trim has been installed back on the boat. We also restained the step pads and applied sealer to keep them protected.
Over the weekend we painted the deck lines back to a bright white.
We now have a FATS V (5).
Update 01/13/17
Update 01/18/17
We have the windshield brackets and new windshield installed with all new windshield rubber. We are waiting for the graphics for the side and the registration numbers. Once those are done we can have them applied and FATS V should be finished.
Update 02/08/17
What your seeing in the pictures above is the head of a magnet covered in metal shavings. This was retrieved from the inside of your transmission which means we may have some major problems with the transmission. We suggest pulling the engine and transmission and rebuilding the transmission. There's no way to tell exactly what the problem is until we get inside the transmission.
The starboard manifold was getting warm enough to discolor the paint on the exhaust elbow and we found the reason why.
Problem Solved!
Starts with no issue now!
Update 03/13/17