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1957 Chris Craft Sportsman Interior
We found these pictures online of the same model boat of yours. At first we were unsure of the correct combination. After we searched we came up with the conclusion that the bottom center picture was probably the correct combination. We would like your input as to which you think is the correct interior for your boat.
We have started working on your new interior. We have the new seat backs fabricated and will soon start the vinyl work.
While researching the correct interior for your boat we discovered that the back side of the front seat had a mahogany veneer which was not originally quoted because we were unaware of this. So the plan is to use the funds that were for covering the engine cover and putting them towards the veneer on the backside of the front seat back. Above you can see we have the veneer cut and epoxied to the seat back. After it is sanded smooth we can then stain and varnish the veneer. 
We now have both of the seat backs finished and man do they look good.