1959 Core Craft
This is one of two windshield brackets for a 1956 Core Craft which needed some repair and a lot of buffing. Here is an example of their former condition. Our camera was pretty flattering to this old beat up aluminum!
Maybe that could be a little more shiny......nah.
Brackets are buffed, polished and ready to ship back to the owner. 
Thanks Woodies Restorations!
Your very welcome 1956 Core Craft.
Did we mention custom forming of thermoplastic materials?

Lenses could not be found for this bow light assembly.  Plastic was purchased from USPlastics and thermoformed in a manual process.
More polishing - this aluminum started as anodized, the anodizing was hand removed by sanding with 180 and 220 grit sand paper, then the aluminum was polished using tripoli and then jewelers rouge.
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