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1956 Chris Craft 23' Continental
We are off to a great start on your varnish refresh. We have all of the chrome trim pieces removed along with the windshield. We also carefully removed part of the hidem along the top of the crash rail so it will not be in the way while varnishing. We have started the process of wet sanding to remove any imperfections in the current varnish and to also create a stronger bond with the new varnish.
The decks are now all sanded to what we call a "white out" which if you look at the picture you see there is still varnish on the boat but once wet sanded it turns a white translucent. This allows us to find low spots, which will still have a shine, so we can continue to sand until we have a full white out. This process will give a smoother clean look once varnish is complete.
The first coat of varnish is being applied. 
The final coat of varnish has been applied. All that is left now is to repaint the lines in the deck and install the windshield and hardware back on the boat.
Update 03/07/2017
Update 03/09/2017
The deck lines have now been repainted, windshield and hardware have been reinstalled. We even touched up the lines on the back deck.