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1955 Chris Craft Capri Interior
Ready to go! Off to Iceland!
Finished product.
New kapok bags made exactly like the originals to fill the throwable cushions.   
This is the process in which we hand bend the springs, using a special tool, for the seat bottoms.
Once all of the springs are bent we then attach each spring to the wood frame using special hangers. 
After all of the springs are in place we then bend the wire we will use to attach all of the springs and hold everything together.
Here is what the completed frame looks like before we add the padding and cover.
Next we cover the springs with burlap and trim the seat out with a foam piping covered with burlap. Everything is held in place with a "hog ring" clip.
After that we cut the rubberized hair material that will serve as the filler. Then cover the entire seat with a soft cotton for comfort.
Next the covering begins. We use spring clamps to hold the vinyl to the seat frame so we can make the pattern. Once the pattern is cut and sewn together we can then staple it to the frame.
The same process and materials is used for the seat back minus the springs.