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1951 Chris Craft U-22
The bottom will be sanded and painted.
The hardware has been removed and the  bottom has been sanded. 
There is clearance in the bearing, we suggest a new one. 
Caulk should not be used on the bottom, but we will not pull out the existing caulk. We will fill in any gaps with slick seam. 
The portside plank has been refastened. 
The bottom has received the first coat of bronze paint.
The exhaust has a huge gap and will leak at launch along with any weight in the back. 
Work has begun on the horn, here, Taylor and Josh are discussing the wiring route. 
Compression Test
Josh is doing a compression test. 
The wires are being run to the bilge pumps.
The bilge pump.
The bilge pump switch.
The propeller came in today.