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1950 Chris Craft Sportsman 17'
Here is a few pictures taken of your boat the day you dropped it off. We can use these photos to reflect back on once we are finished with the varnish. We should see a big change once the boat is finished.
Update 04/06/2017
When we went to lift your boat off of the trailer the front lifting rod broke lose. Upon further investigation it was the frame that the rod was connected to that broke due to rot.
We made a new frame out of white oak and secured it with 5200 and screws. Once installed we used CPES, clear penetrating epoxy sealer, to seal the wood then coated the frame with bilge paint.
Update 04/07/2017
We have started the process of stripping the decks. It's looking like we will need to apply multiple coats to completely remove the varnish.
Update 04/12/2017
We have the majority of the decks stripped and sanded. We're now going back and sanding the edges that we couldn't get to and the spots we missed. By the end of this week we should be able to start applying stain then sealer and varnish next week some time if all goes as planned.
Update 04/13/2017
Now that all of the decks have been sanded we have applied two coats of wood bleach. The reason for bleaching the wood is to remove all color from the surface of the wood so we can then go back and apply stain and make sure the entire boat turns out the same color. The wood bleach leaves a sort of "fuzz" on the surface of the wood. Next we will lightly sand the "fuzz" off of the top and the boat will be ready for stain and then varnish.
Update 04/14/2017
Stain has been applied and we will be ready to start applying varnish next week.
Update 04/28/2017
We now have the sides sanded and varnish has been started on the sides as we continue applying varnish to the decks.
Update 05/05/2017
We now have the final coat of varnish on the sides and decks. The only varnish work we have left is the transom. The reason we have yet to do the transom is we have been trying to remove the vinyl lettering. Its been very difficult to remove completely without burning through the varnish and sanding all the way to the wood. Which is something we definitely don't want to do, because that would mean having to restain the transom. We have also match painted the section of the bottom in the front where we did the frame repair. Once we get the transom finished she should be ready to go.
Update 05/16/2017
We now have the final coat of varnish on the transom. We also have all of the deck lines painted and have started reassembling the chrome. I have the name sent to our vinyl person and they are working on it they should have it done this week.
Update 05/19/2017
The name has been applied and we are now ready to begin putting the trim tabs back on and the hooks at the edge of the transom.
Update 05/24/2017
We took your water pump apart this morning to replace the impellers and this is what we found. The blades of your old impeller were all torn off and blocking the water passages which would not aloud water to pump through the engine. You can clearly see the difference in the old impeller and the new impeller. So we will now clean everything out of the pump and take all of the pieces of the impeller and compare the weight of the pieces to the weight of the new impeller to insure that we have all of the pieces removed and none have passed through into the engine. Once we know we have all of the pieces we will then clean out the passages of the pump thoroughly and then replace the impellers then reassemble the pump.