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1947 Chris Craft Runabout
We have determined that this faulty cut out switch is the culprit behind the parasitic drain of your battery. Luckily it was easy to find and will be equally as easy to replace.
Here are the results from the compression tests we performed. After testing the boat with the already installed 6 volt battery we found that the compression was significantly lower than what we had understood it to be. At first it was puzzling to us why the compression numbers from our test were different from those provided. The only reason we could come up with is that the previous compression test may have been performed using a 12 volt battery instead of the proper 6 volt. So, we installed a 12 volt battery and performed a second compression test yielding basically the same results that we numbers we were given from the compression test performed by the previous mechanic. The reason behind this is the fact that the 12 volt battery spins the engine faster than the 6 volt battery creating more compression in the cylinder.
The dock rash and damage on the chine is in the process of repair. We had to use a hand plane to shave the front part of the chine due to a chip that had been taken out. we then sanded, stained and varnished the repair area. We are now applying build up coats of varnish on the repair. Also we have installed the new tach cable and water pump.